john francis

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call/text              512-563-4173

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Stylist / Colorist / Makeup


thick and/or curly hair : long or short.

* i can work wonders with fine or thinning hair.

* killer mens cuts

* it’s also fun to play with the kid’s hair!

* the big one: i love color! color is in everything we see. i can’t describe the feeling i get knowing that can open the door to a whole new world by taking the time to listen to my clients then introducing them to a custom coloring service that swings hand in hand with a personal haircut.

i have an extra sharp eye for the perfect shades of blondes and known to turn up the heat with reds! the fun doesnt have to stop there; i get a thrill out of hair extensions for an extreme makeover right before your eyes going from short to long or just adding thickness to your cut. no matter what the service you desire, i will be there to provide professional advise on styling options while also making sure you’re confident maintaining your look outside the salon.


if we’re on not still on the topic of hair and i’m not in the salon there is a great chance you find me out at the lake.  i love being outside around the water and enjoying the texas weather.  i’m constantly looking for new trails and places to explore with my dog junior. family is a big part of my everyday and i enjoy spending as much free time with my teen age sisters as possible. there is never any down time with them and quite a social life! pretty good at keeping up with all the latest movies. dont forget to kiss the cook!


i can be super cheesy when it comes to music because i love almost all of it! from the way back oldies to the jams blasting the charts today and everything in the middle. i can never come up with an answer when someone asks me who is my all time fave artist or song. it’s just to hard to choose one. music and dance is great outlet for me to be able to express my mood throughout the day and into the night.


always looking for a thrill with horror films the freakier the better. comedies and action movies will keep me awake to see the end for sure. the sappy tear jerkers tend to be a snooze fest, except for steel magnolias, hope floats, and selena.  i can stay up for those girls all night.  i have a huge soft spot for nancy botwin in the weeds series.  i can watch all the seasons over and over.


magazines are books too, right! fashion, art, local and world wide current events, celeb gossip, glance at the political stories, reading biographies.

Years in the biz: since 2007

Years at Orbit: since 2011

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