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ashleigh daniel

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I am a musician and a once upon a time design student who found her way to the glory of hair in childhood, through the enjoyment of styling an almost human-sized barbie head. I made it an official hobby when I became licensed in 1998. I apprenticed behind most consistent master of his craft, Javier Herrera, learning precision cutting and a multitude of technical and free-flowing creative color techniques. I watched and applied, watched and applied… learning how to adhere to the rules so I could later discover exactly how to break them, properly.

I love nothing more than learning the next big thing, and being a stylist on the very first wave implementing new and innovative techniques. Snow white blondes, shadows and lights, every and any translation of red from softest strawberry to the deepest, and brightest outline of red on a head of chocolate perfection,…. rich multi-tonal brunettes, sun-kissed, honey-haired goddess layers… long, short, romantic and rock n roll… Blunt, shattered, flowing, easy and definitive are all my specialty.

I love to help people evolve seamlessly with the times, and comfortably within their lifestyles. I love mens’ cuts and working *with* the hair rather than against it to create styles my clients can live in effortlessly without fuss. Unless of course, fussing makes my clients happy…. then I thoroughly educate them about the right hair care and styling products to manipulate their locks perfectly into their personalized desired vision…

In The Biz: Since 2000

At Orbit: Since 2016